Monday, October 19, 2015

Indonesian celebrity Age 4 Head of the Younger

Look younger is everyone's dream. A healthy lifestyle coupled with perwatan role for maintaining physical tampulan ageless. However, the style berakaian also able to determine a person's ageless.

The choice of colors and models appropriate clothing and makeup is able to make a person look younger. In Indonesia there are some celebrities who are already in their 40s but still looks young. The following artists who look younger.

1. Sopia Latjuba. Lover of Aril Noah does look much younger than their actual age were already mengijak 45 years. Sopia more youthful look because the selection of a more casual style of clothing. With this style, a more visible Sopia sensual and sweet. Sopia jugalebih like makeup natural.

2. Donna Aaron. Bandung-born actress who would have thought, 47 years ago this already have grandchildren. But his appearance still looks very young. Donna Aaron frequent use of clothing styles that made her look younger.

3. Anggun C Sasmi. He is an Indonesian diva who have quality on the international scene. Javanese descent singer is now mnginjak age of 41 years. But the beauty and achievements make Anggun look young than their actual age.

That celebrity Indonesia who have young wat face.

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