Friday, October 16, 2015

Schools most unique in the World

Schools or places where people seek knowledge that is useful for the future. But if you seudah emngetahui earlier if there are some schools that are very unique in the world. School yangk not like that you experience such as this that the general academic study. Well from the more curious you may be able to directly see the review below!

Schools most unique in the World

School of Magic
School of magic is not only in the flim Harry Potter. But in real life as it turns rerdapat people who can teach the lesson of magic just like in a fairy tale or other fim. Sekolaha Dumbludore was founded by and named by the Grey School of Wizaedry which has now received international recognition.

School Football Kungfu
Perhaps learning football in learning umun there must be and certainly very popular with students. However, a special school for hungfu only exist in Deng Feng, China. Schools that fall into the category of unique school in the world provide learning martial arts and to pesyaratannya to be a student of this disekolahan must be aged 14-17 years old.

Learning schools Chicken
Chicken we know as animals raised for eating. But, for this cypress tempet chicken tang school can be a place of learning where the school bajyak taught from the start how bertenak and to produce quality meat.

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