Sunday, October 18, 2015

This is the result of Sitting Too Long for Health

For those of you who are currently undergoing work that tend to require you sitting in all day this probably better than our friends who have to work in the field under the scorching sun of course, very hot and tiring. Although such a position of sitting too long is not good for health, do you already know? If not, you can immediately notice the following review on the dangers of sitting too long for health. Hopefully this article can be useful for you all!

May Trigger Heart Attack
Sitting for too long will lead to blood clots in the legs, if blood continues to clot in one place at the foot of the platelets will tend to stick to each other. Well if these clumps up into the lungs will block the flow of oxygen to the heart and as a result will cause a heart attack.

Obesity causes
The accumulation of fat in the body is called obesity. When a person is seated so many activities will make an enzyme that works to burn fat will memnjadi slow, then so will teruarai with normal fat and causes the accumulation in the body called obesity.

Try to avoid the danger of always drinking water sebayak much in order to avoid dehydration, but it also often perform leg movements as often as possible. If those who have had a history of heart disease then always consult a doctor.

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